Is beauty more than skin deep?

by la vie de McGee

I still haven’t decided if I think I’m pretty yet. I feel like it’s so easy for other people to decide who they think is pretty or if they are pretty themselves. Society has created an image of what’s acceptable, what is beautiful, and I don’t know if I fit it.
Sometimes I just stare at pictures of myself like wondering if I’m actually pretty or if I’m forever going to be the girl that they say “you’re beautiful on the inside”, which is good, but it isn’t everything.
I can’t tell if I have “pretty” attributes because whenever I look at a picture of myself I can only pick out the flaws. Isn’t it weird how I’ve had this face, this body, forever, but I still can’t figure out if I like it or if I will always yearn to look different? Is this a sickness or is this just the norm nowadays?